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50-Plus Dating is the dating web site for the over-50s or for anyone under 50 interested in finding a 50-plus partner.

Nowadays people find themselves in their middle years and alone for all kinds of reasons. Some people are happy to stay that way, but if that doesn't include you then read on! Through the power of the Internet and with the resources of 50-Plus Dating, now it couldn't be any easier to find that special person to fill the gap that you have in your life.

50-Plus Dating is here for you and many thousands of others who are just like you. We have a huge database of people who are looking for exactly the same things as you, whether it's just to meet new friends, find someone to share events, outings and holidays with or to find that special person who you could possibly share the rest of your life with!

So if you have a gap in your life that needs filling, however large or small, now's the time to join 50-Plus Dating. Come and join us!

Features of 50-Plus Dating

Huge Database of Members

50-PlusDating has a HUGE DATABASE of hundreds of thousands of members in all areas with more joining all the time. Sign up to BROWSE FOR FREE.


Advanced Search System

An advanced and extremely user-friendly  SEARCH FACILITY that has a very detailed Personality Profiling SYSTEM (including Horoscopes) makes it really easy to find your IDEAL PARTNER.


Multi-Media Profile Enhancements

Members can enhance their profiles for FREE by adding PHOTOS and VIDEOS. Member DIARIES can also help you to find out more about the people behind the profiles.


Simple, Secure Contact System

As well as using Email Messaging, members can see who's LIVE ONLINE and then contact them by SECURE INSTANT MESSENGER to CHAT and get to know each other.